20th Anniversary Concert of the Municipal Band of Mojácar

Mojácar celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Municipal Music Band with an emotional concert in which members of the municipal band of all times since its inception played together, co-directed by the two directors it had during this period, and which took place in the square of the locality del Frontón.

The members of the current Municipal Music Band were joined by many who started the adventure, as well as the director at the time, Diego Martinez Melgarea.

The concert began with the founding director, Diego Martinez, who toured through the representative repertoire of those early years: the Moorish march Sisco by composer Daniel Ferrero, a musical genre very representative of the municipality. Two concert works should not be missed, such as Moment for Morricone, an adaptation of the great Italian composer for the group, and the work Variazione in blue by Dutch composer Jacob de Haan.

In the second part of the concert, the current director, Maestro Miguel Ángel Miranda, took over and, together with his musicians, interpreted

Pasodoble by Pascual Marquina and Cielo Andaluz, introducing new instruments incorporated into the Municipal Music, such as drums and electric bass.

A program aimed at showing the evolution over the years, both in the incorporation of new elements and in the technical evolution of its members.

Each theme was presented by the members of the Municipal Music Band, as well as the incorporation of their directors.

The uninterrupted applause from the audience necessitated an encore, consisting of a “potpourri” called “Fiesta en España”, which had a joyful and festive character.

The anniversary could not end without a special and loving tribute to Luisa Garrido, recently retired, but who had been there since the first days of the founding of the school of music and the municipal band. For all former students and students of the school, his support, help and support have meant a lot in this formative stage.

Luisa Garrido received a large bouquet of flowers from everyone and a photo in which there was the first promotion of the school.

The Municipal Music Orchestra was born in 2000, from the Municipal School of Music. Two years later, it became a reality thanks to the work and enthusiasm of its 70 members, mostly children and young people, as well as the determination of its director and the unconditional support of the Council of Mojácar.

The Mojácar Music Band is made up of very young musicians, with an average age of 15, but who have managed to position themselves among the best in the province of Almería.

Since its foundation in 2002, this young group of municipal music, in addition to collaborating in all local events, has also visited different Spanish cities, participating in concerts, competitions and musical gatherings, always gaining a high level of recognition, both the public and the judges and members of other municipal bands.

From that moment a very intense and complete program of concerts was established, which he offered year after year: the concerts of Santa Cecilia, of Christmas, of the Feast of Andalusia, the concert of the week of Easter and the accompaniment of the processions, the feasts of the Moors and Christians, the festivities in honor of Saint Augustine, of the Virgin of the Rosary and hearing of the students of the municipal school of music of Mojácar.

Melissa C. Keyes