Alhaurin el Grande council awards contract for installation of new roof over municipal swimming pool

Image of the municipal swimming pool of Alhaurin el Grande. Credit: [email protected]_Alhaurin

The contract has been awarded for the installation of a new roof on the municipal swimming pool of the city of Malaga Alhaurin el Grande.

Víctor Romero, the deputy mayor of the council of Alhaurin el Grande, in the province of Malaga, announced on Friday June 17 that the contract had been awarded for the replacement of the cover of the municipal swimming pool. It has a budget of €430,000, with an execution period of four months.

He said: “We know the concern of the inhabitants of the commune regarding the situation of this very important infrastructure. It is an emblematic building whose roof suffered major damage during the 2019 DANA”.

“It was decided to replace this structure with a new roof of better quality, more durable and which meets current requirements in terms of energy efficiency. Thus, in December 2020, the tender process for this work began, after drafting the corresponding technical project,” he continued.

Mr. Romero explained: “In February 2021, these works were awarded for the first time and they started normally, but soon after problems started with the winning company. Combined with the material crisis, the transport strike and the rise in the price of steel, the contractor was forced to delay the execution of the project and hinder the proper functioning and development of the works.

“At the request of the Council to resolve this situation, we were presented with different alternatives that modified the project. Some proposals were not acceptable to this government team because they did not meet the quality requirements that we demand in a work of this magnitude,” he stressed.

The documentation had to be sent to the Andalusian Consultative Council, a judicial body that resolves these contractual problems between the administration and the companies. This body gave its consent to the Board on February 11, 2022 and from that moment, the contract was terminated, which made it possible to open a new contract file.

After redoing all the technical documentation relating to the project, the award process began on May 30. It concluded with the award decree to the successful bidder, who upon signing the contract will have a period of four months to carry out the work.

“We want it to be clear that this government team acted with the utmost responsibility. We know that these are works that have upset the neighbors, especially the users of the swimming pool, but it was important to act responsibly in this situation to defend the general interests of all the inhabitants of Alhaur”, concluded the manager.


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Melissa C. Keyes