Andhra Pradesh: APMTF opposes merger of municipal schools

The PA Municipal Teachers’ Federation (APMTF) has strongly opposed the merger of municipal schools and placing them under the purview of the Department of Education.

At a state-level meeting held at the Public Library by Monday, participants condemned the government’s decision to transfer valuable school assets from the municipal corporation such as land, buildings and staff in the Department of Education.

Chairing the meeting, APMTFState Chairman T. Venkata Reddy said that the education reforms initiated by the government were detrimental to the interests of teachers and students and the meeting unanimously resolved to protect the municipal schools. He said that all the teachers’ unions had already represented in the government. The municipal schools were part of the civic bodies and could not be separated from them. He said the government was not taking any steps to strengthen municipal schools. He sought sanctioning of the positions of Education Officers and Education Supervisor.

MLC Ravi Varma condemned the merger of assets of municipal schools and their transfer to the Department of Education. He said the merger would create problems for teachers and they would lose their seniority. He recalled that past experience showed that governments had to face defeat when teachers and intellectuals saw red.

All India Save Education Committee (AP) Secretary General S. Govindarajulu said that public schools were established to provide education for all. In 75 years, education has diversified, but now public schools and colleges are shrinking and their very existence is under threat, he said.

Now governments were trying to promote the private sector at the expense of public schools. The falling standards in government and municipal schools could be attributed to the dismal teacher-student ratio, the “no detention” system, which made students lazy and teachers disinterested in teaching.

APJAC Head of State Nageswara Reddy and APMTF Head Ravi Siddharth spoke

Melissa C. Keyes