Awuvami elected Premier of Ayawaso East Municipal Assembly for third time

He secured 13 out of 18 votes to beat his closest competitor, Mr. Alexander Lamptey, Member of the Kanda Electoral Area Assembly, who won five votes.

Previously, Mr. Awuvami was a government representative in the Assembly.

The new presiding member was sworn in by Justice Nobel Nkrumah, a High Court judge.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Awuvami expressed his gratitude to the members of the Assembly for entrusting him with the mandate.

He urged Assembly members to continually support him in making the right decisions to develop the municipality, as the role of Presiding Officer came with challenges that he was determined to help overcome.

In an interview with the Ghanaian Times, Awuvami said the mantra for his two-year term would be “Operation Year of Drains”.

He said his vision was to build small drains to connect the municipality’s large drainage systems to ease the burden on residents who transport sewage from their homes to dispose of it in large drains.

“At Nima we have a lot of drains, which cannot connect to the main, so next year will be focused on drains like the bathroom drains to the main gutter,” he said.

He explained that the aim of the project was to beautify the environment and improve the standard of living of the residents of the community as the lack of small drains created inconveniences.

The presiding member further mentioned that the municipality does not have land to start new projects, so his mandate would focus on revamping old buildings.

Municipal chief executive Hajia Salma Mohammed Sani Adams said in an interview that Mr. Awuvami had the experience to manage municipal affairs, and his reappointment was a clear indication that assembly members knew he was the right person for the job.

Hajia Salma explained that over the years he has united and treated the assembly members with respect which has helped push forward the developments in the municipality.


Melissa C. Keyes