Boundary notification: Prayagraj town now has 100 municipal wards

Sangam Town will now have 28 new municipal wards within the city limits. Following the notification on ward demarcation issued on Wednesday by order of Principal Secretary of Urban Development Amrit Abhijat, the ward boundaries of Prayagraj would now have a total of 100 wards.

The 28 new wards were created in the urban areas of Naini, Jhunsi, Phaphamau and Jhalwa, including 10 new wards created in the areas of Jhunsi and Naini which previously had only five wards.

After the new demarcation, eight former city districts also ceased to exist. The localities of the districts which ceased to exist were merged with the neighboring districts. Along with this, the names of many neighborhoods have also been changed, city officials informed.

The wards, whose names ceased to exist under the new demarcation, include Bahadurganj which houses the house of union cabinet minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi and mayor Abhilasha Gupta Nandi. Similarly, the Prayag Ghat district, created before the 2017 municipal elections, also ceased to exist following the demarcation.

Apart from these, the existence of Dariyabad, Himmatganj, Muthiganj and Khalasi Line would no longer exist either. Settlements in other neighborhoods were merged with neighboring neighborhoods. Minor changes have also been made to the boundaries of the Karelabagh Part II district. Henceforth, this district will be known as Shams Nagar. There were two neighborhoods named Omprakash Sabhasad Nagar. One of these districts is now called Rajruppur. The Mirganj neighborhood was named Chowk Gangadas, they added.

An official from the Prayagraj Municipal Corporation associated with the boundary process said that in the new changes, the boundaries of more than 50 wards have been changed. According to the official, eight neighborhoods have been expanded in the new part of the city and the old, less populated neighborhoods have been removed.

Melissa C. Keyes