Brent Budz quits municipal politics, won’t run again in October –

A familiar face at the Town of Portage council table is retiring from municipal politics.

Brent Budz has announced, after discussing it with his family, that he will not be running again in October. He reflected on his time at the table, saying he flew away.

“Yes, it went very quickly, but at the end of October, it will be 12 years in the service of the city, and I really liked the experience. I just wanted to thank the citizens of Portage la Prairie for their support over the last issue. I have gained tremendously, both personally and professionally, by participating in the council.

Mayor Irvine Ferris said Budz had served as his deputy mayor for the past two terms, while also serving as finance chairman — a role that suited him.

“You know, he brought a lot of talent to the council table — certainly a lot of financial acumen,” Mayor Ferris said. “He was a very comfortable man with strong convictions. A very good debater, and he will certainly be missed on the board, and I certainly enjoyed working with him.”

Mayor Ferris recently decided he would not seek re-election, and there have been discussions about whether the deputy mayor will run for the job. Budz says he thought about it.

“The mayor and I have had long conversations over the past few months, and yes, at some point I considered running for mayor,” Budz said. “However, professionally, I have had opportunities that take up a little more time in my own role to serve on the board of directors of Credit Union Central Manitoba. It really got to the point where I have to understand the level of commitment required to run for mayor, and if I was going to do that, I wanted to make sure I had the time to do it properly.”

Mayor Ferris says Budz has played an important role, especially over the past two terms, in some of the biggest infrastructure projects you would see around Portage la Prairie. He adds that Budz cared about the community.

“He is a very committed and dedicated individual who has really done a lot to move the Portage community forward,” said Mayor Ferris. “I consider him a good friend and wish him the best for the next stage of his life.”

Melissa C. Keyes