Bucharest municipal waste collection scandal continues in court

Bucharest District 1 mayor Clotilde Armand obtained state of emergency approval from local government representative (prefect) at the end of last week, hired another municipal solid waste collection company for the short term, and plans to again seek termination of the contract with the prime contractor Romprest.

Signed by her predecessors for a period of 25 years, the contract is too expensive, she claims, News.ro reported.

Following repeated conflicts between Armand and Romprest, municipal waste has frequently accumulated in the streets.

To request the termination of the contract in court, Armand will seek the support of the local council after a court decision has clarified that this is a preliminary step.

It is not known whether the council will support Armand’s action. But even if it has finally started, the outcome of the lawsuit is unpredictable.

Without necessarily being a hot topic at the national level, the scandal once again reveals the weak coherence of the ruling coalition in Romania and the multitude of conflicts between its members.

Member of the reformist party USR PLUS, Armand claims not to be supported by the advisers of the Liberal Party (PNL), which gives the opportunity to the social democratic opposition (PSD) to accuse the ruling coalition as a whole for the poor in general. performance of public administration. Ironically, the controversial 25-year contract was signed by a liberal.

The contract Armand signed with the alternative municipal waste collection company, Brai-Cata, raised more questions due to its controversial past ownership linked to the Italian Mafia and poor performance in the other municipalities where it operates. However, it is not certain that companies with perfectly clean pedigrees are common in this industry.

(Photo: Octav Ganea / Inquam Photos)

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Melissa C. Keyes