Delhi police arrest man for sexually assaulting two underage girls at municipal school

Delhi police on Friday arrested the person accused of sexually assaulting two girls at a school run by the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) in Bhajanpura, northeast Delhi, nearly a week after the incident.

DCP (North East) Sanjay Kumar Sain said police had identified several possible suspects following the incident. However, the breakthrough was made on Friday, the day after the release by the police of the sketch of the accused, on the basis of the contributions provided by the two victims. Defendant Varun Joshi, 40, a resident of Yamuna Vihar, was convicted under the provisions of the IPC and POCSO laws.

During questioning, Joshi revealed that he was familiar with the school premises as he used to play on its grounds every Sunday with other people.

Police had previously arrested two men whose features matched the description shared by the two victims. However, they were released after investigation.

Senior police officers said Joshi was nabbed because the sketch looked a lot like him in CCTV footage obtained from outside the school. Information provided by school officials – about the defendant wearing a bracelet – was also helpful, police said.

A senior police officer described Joshi, who lives near the school, as “addicted to unemployment, alcohol and porn”. Further investigation is underway, police said.

blame game

EDMC Mayor Shyam Sunder Aggarwal said the civic body suspended the school principal and class teacher, in addition to terminating the services of a contract teacher. “In addition, a notice has been issued to the academy inspector,” he said.

Meanwhile, EDMC Education Committee Chairman Rajiv Kumar (BJP) has blamed the Delhi government for the lack of CCTV cameras and security guards at the school, saying it does not had not released the necessary funds.

Mr Kumar said the civic body had been working on a project to install CCTV in all of its 354 schools, however, the government interfered in its bidding process, which resulted in a delay in the project.

“The government did not disburse the quarterly installment of funds to EDMC. For this reason, we have not been able to pay our teachers’ salaries since December 2021. This is why we are struggling to run our schools,” he said.

A senior EDMC official pointed out that it was not entirely true to hold the government responsible for the delay in installing the CCTV cameras. He explained that there were problems in the bidding process, which was the cause of the delay in the project.

“The cost was enormous and it was recommended to limit the installation of cameras. Each school was asked to do their own survey and then put out a tender based on their specific needs,” the senior EDMC official said.

However, the senior official added that the salaries of all employees of the eastern civic body from group A to group C – including that of the commissioner and other senior officials – have not been paid since November. 2021, “because the government has not yet released the pending funds”. .”

He added: “Even for the installation of CCTV cameras, the government does not release the capital part of the fund. For the past two years, the government has withheld the capital share for every project, including education, health and urban development.

APA’s response

Responding to the comments, EDMC Opposition Leader Manoj Tyagi (AAP) said the government had “paid its share to the civic body”, adding that the government had no role to play. since the civic bodies were now to be unified.

He added, “As for CCTV, the estimated cost is ₹75,000 per camera including cabling and mounting costs. We found this absurd. This was blatant corruption on the part of the BJP. The tender was then cancelled,” Mr Tyagi said.

He added that the reason given by the Center for the Unification of Civic Bodies was to solve their financial crisis: “So where is the problem? There are no pending dues on our side. The BJP-led center should now deal with its own problems.

Melissa C. Keyes