Dennis Robinson | KUCB

My name is Dennis Robinson.

I was born in Unalaska and have lived there most of my life. Those of you who know me know that I am very opinionated and not afraid to speak my mind. I am upfront about the things that I believe are good for our community.

As a child, I was lucky enough to live in a house where my father hosted heads of state. We were surrounded by visionaries and hard workers. We grew up knowing that our community was our backbone, and we were responsible for honoring it and dedicating our time, resources, and abilities to its success.

During my lifetime, I have been proud to be part of the leadership that had the foresight and teamwork to build what we enjoy today. I’ve served on city council several times over the years, and during those years we’ve built a city hall, a new clinic, a public library, a recreation center, a power plant, and paved roads. We upgraded our sewage system and landfill. We built a new municipal wharf and a new marina to complement our existing marinas. We continually give the maximum to our award-winning schools, our non-profit organizations and the ever-increasing promotion of arts and culture.

Alongside my family, the town of Unalaska has undoubtedly been the center of my life, for my entire life. What I see now is that our community is at a critical time, it needs to lift or readjust the burdens that make life here so difficult. The cost of living and the cost of airfare have limited our relationships with loved ones, our hobbies and our business on the continent. We are losing community members. We must work as a team to get through this difficult period and come out of it even stronger, more profitable than before. We have a long way to go. I pledge to dedicate my knowledge, my experience, my state and national relations and my true love of Unalaska and our beautiful islands, for the long term.

It is our future. Education. Community. Profitability. Sustainability. Our Unalaska.

I am ready to be the next mayor of Unalaska and I hope you will vote for me on October 4th.

The statements were submitted by the candidates and have not been altered.

Melissa C. Keyes