Emirates News Agency – UAE Council for Environmental and Municipal Works approves 6-month municipal work program

DUBAI, 14th September, 2022 (WAM) — The United Arab Emirates Council for Environmental and Municipal Works, at its first meeting, chaired by Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, has approved its program of work for the next six months.

During the meeting, participants discussed directions and requirements for the future work of the agency, the latest developments in the development of the National Integrated Waste Management Strategy, and federal waste transformation projects.

Taking place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) in Dubai, the meeting brought together members of the Council for the first time since the Cabinet of the United Arab Emirates ratified the resolution establishing the body. in May 2022.

Almheiri said, “Achieving our goals related to quality of life, as set out in the UAE Centenary 2071, depends on several key pillars; primarily, building a sustainable society. The MOCCAE, in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates Council for Environmental and Municipal Works, will build on the achievements of the Joint Commissions since 2009 in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

“In the near future, the Council aims to accelerate the implementation of the national integrated waste management strategy and launch several transformation projects. This will strengthen the adoption of the concept of circular economy while effectively contributing to the realization of the UAE’s goals by embracing sustainability across all sectors.”

She added, “During the coming period, the Council will work to establish the general foundations for strengthening joint work in the field of the environment and related municipal services. It will also propose regulations, laws and policies to ensure more effective private sector participation. in relevant projects, develop complementary initiatives and promote scientific research in related fields. Furthermore, it will determine the country’s position in relevant regional and global negotiations and facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices.

The Board approved a short-term work plan for the next six months. It covers the implementation of the national strategy for integrated waste management, the launch of a set of transformational projects that support the adoption of the circular economy concept and contribute to the achievement of the country’s objectives by applying the principles of sustainability in all sectors, and strengthening the UAE’s leading role in municipal work. in the GCC region and beyond.

During the meeting, members discussed the milestones achieved by the Joint Committees since 2009, alongside the UAE Council for Climate Change and the Environment since its inception in 2016, with respect to municipal work and environmental. They also reflected on the nature of the mission of the body in addition, they discussed the requirements and guidelines for future efforts in accordance with the objectives of the UAE and the directions of its wise leaders.

The Council discussed a proposal for a three-year medium-term action plan for areas of collaboration between all relevant authorities in the public and private sectors. It examined ways to improve the quality of life, key initiatives and projects related to the environmental and municipal sectors, as well as governance and empowerment mechanisms.

Members explored multiple transformational future projects in the environmental and municipal fields, aimed at building a sustainable industrial sector based on the principles of the circular economy and raising awareness of environmental and sustainability issues. They focused on strengthening cooperation and aligning efforts on short-term projects between partners.

The MoCCAE presented the fourth phase of its unified municipal working guide which compiles and standardizes procedures in the municipal and environmental sectors.

The fourth phase covers the nature, mechanisms and stipulations of environmental and municipal violations at the federal level. The document develops environmental best practices, supports the exchange of knowledge and experience in municipal work, standardizes definitions and concepts when writing and citing violations, and creates a first unified national list of municipal violations. and environmental.

The UAE Cabinet, headed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, approved the decision to establish the UAE Council for Environmental and Municipal Works in May 2022 The mandate of the body is to work on issues of common interest with the relevant authorities of the country, ensure alignment with current national plans and strategies and their effective implementation, and activate roles and responsibilities according to the current developments and future visions related to the UAE Centenary 2071.

Melissa C. Keyes