GO! Subway: Residents clean up municipal grounds Baysville school zone is now safer

COMMUNITY CARE: Baysville residents living in the area around the Baysville Skills School cleaned up municipal land in front of the school which had become overgrown and prone to spillage due to municipal neglect. IMAGE: PROVIDED

In August, Baysville residents living near Valley and Anderson Roads across from the Baysville School of Skills cleared unmaintained municipal land across from the school to mitigate dumping practices and other health hazards. health and safety.

Resident Lindsay Pollock said the chronic dumping of trash has been happening for years, but requests for action from the City of Buffalo’s subway services have not been answered.

Residents believe that the increase in crime in the area, such as petty burglaries and thefts, is linked to the lack of maintenance of this municipal area.

Pollock said the local branch of the DA sent a team last year to clear the area adjacent to the two roads, but nothing had been done since then despite repeated requests for action from Ward 47 Councilor Funeka Wolose. .

Residents pooled funds to employ a contractor who cleaned up municipal land bordering their homes.

A team of local unemployed workers was paid to pick up the illegally dumped rubbish. Local businessman Anthony Cox provided many resources to clean up the area and says he was motivated to do so out of concern for the safety of residents and his property.

Pollock says “as taxpayers who pay some of the highest rates in the country, we are tired of a corrupt and inefficient municipality.

“The neighborhood councilor, Funeka Wolose, kept asking for help. She can’t do much.

“The municipality seems unable to take care of our city and therefore the inhabitants have mobilized.”

In the future, the community wants to turn the area into a park that can be used by local children.

Pollock says “the municipality is failing on so many levels that communities need to start taking responsibility and giving their time and labor. It takes leadership to initiate change.

Cox says BCM needs to better manage waste systems and allocate areas where people can dispose of their waste, because poor waste management also underpins illegal dumping on this particular municipal land.

Melissa C. Keyes