How does a candidate for a municipal election present himself? –

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) has provided an information page for candidates running in municipal elections this year. It is prepared to help future community leader candidates better understand the process when applying for these positions.

President Kam Blight says the AMM has set out to ensure that those wishing to run have all the information they need to work in the system, and the new resource for municipal elections is the result.

“This hub is home to a lot of background material,” Blight says. “We have also uploaded a series of testimonial videos from former and current elected officials that highlight key considerations as well as tips and advice for candidates on our AMM YouTube channel. AMM hopes these newly created resources will help raise awareness of the roles and responsibilities of municipal government and hopefully encourage more Manitobans to run for municipal politics.”

He notes that the AMM fully understands that local governments are often portrayed as closest to the people and are responsible for providing many essential services that Manitobans depend on, such as road infrastructure, recreation, fires, policing, water infrastructure, economic development and much more. .

“It’s very important that we have good representation on city councils and we really hope that this resource assistance will help encourage people to come forward,” adds Blight. “All of this makes a difference to the community. Importantly, councils help shape municipal priorities and represent the people who elect them. I encourage everyone to consult our online resources to better understand the important roles of municipal councils. “

Aside from those considering running for such an election, this informative website is perfect for the average person to check out to find out how the process works.

The AMM also notes that of the 137 communes, three elections took place in July. There are no elections in the town of Leaf Rapids and LGD of Mystery Lake. Therefore, elections will be held in 132 municipalities on October 26. Candidate information will be uploaded to the MBVotes website after the official nomination period ends on September 20.

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Melissa C. Keyes