Karimnagar Municipality launches special campaign to catch monkeys

Posted: Posted Date – 8:28 PM, Thursday – 9 Jun 22

Karimnagar: The Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar has undertaken efforts to provide respite to the townspeople from the threat of the apes. Based on a recent board resolution, MCK entered into an agreement with monkey catchers at Rs 10 lakh to catch monkeys in all 60 divisions of the company. A total of 150 monkeys were captured at Bhagathnagar from the 33rd Division.

Mayor of Karimnagar, Y Sunil Rao, and Commissioner Seva Islawath examined captured monkeys from the 33rd Division on Thursday. The mayor ordered the monkey catchers to leave the monkeys in the forest area. Speaking on the occasion, Sunil Rao said that based on complaints about the threat of monkeys from all divisions, MCK has taken a special initiative to catch monkeys and relieve the public of monkeys. According to the decision of the council, silver hunters were deployed, which caught 150 to 200 monkeys in the Bhagathnagar area.

These monkeys would be left in forest areas where enough food and water are available, as instructed by forest department officials. in the number of monkeys in town, he informed and assured the public to provide respite to the public from the threat of the monkeys. Municipal Superintendent Engineer E Nageshwar Rao, Veterinarian Sridhar and others were present.

Melissa C. Keyes