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Since Arkansas passed the Solar Access Act in 2019, Entegrity Energy has been installing all kinds of solar panels for municipalities across the state, from schools to wastewater treatment plants. In the first episode of EPIC Projects, Chris Ladner, founding partner of Integrity Energywalks us through the key nuances of middle market solar power in Arkansas.

EPIC Projects is our new video interview series in which solar EPCs share their engineering, procurement and construction knowledge on recent and impressive projects. Thanks to Solar CPSO for sponsoring the first episode. We cover quite a bit of ground in 12 minutes. Topics we discuss:

  • Public vs. private customers
  • Array collocation
  • On-site sheep management
  • Keys to a wastewater treatment project

We also go into field conditions in Arkansas:

“I went to college in the Midwest and I’m a little jealous of the opportunities they have. We have a wide variety of conditions depending on where you are in the state,” says Ladner. “If you bisect our state from northeast to southwest, the bottom half of the triangle is more of that silty delta, which is great, but they’re prone to a little more water retention, and we have deep d embedding which must be deeper. to ensure that we meet the load requirements. But the minute you enter the top half, you enter the Ozarks, and we have a lot of rocks to deal with.

We review the following projects for sourcing and design decisions:

Cedar Ridge Schools and Midland School Districtyou

Prairie Grove Wastewater Treatment

University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana

This particular Hope-Texarkana project is a highlight for the Solar Education Lab that is being built with the network.

“The college has an energy technology program, and now we’ve added NABCEP certification,” Ladner tells us. “We built a workforce development center that houses different programs and we did energy efficiency. So that was great from a big picture perspective, but what we really love is that we and our partners are committed to helping the solar lab so we can start developing the next generation of solar installers. .

Skip to this part of the conversation to learn more:

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Melissa C. Keyes