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KOLKATA: In an attempt to prevent the filling of ponds across the city, especially those located in additional areas, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation has decided to modify its evaluation policy. From now on, the CMK Appraisal Department inspectors, when appraising any particular home that has a pond, will adopt a dual appraisal policy.
First, civic inspectors will assess the building and then the size of the pond. The purpose of the dual assessment is to ensure that the pond gets its own identity in the KMC assessment file so that in future the civic environment department gets a true picture of the number and size size of the ponds located in the jurisdiction of KMC, said the mayor of the city Firhad. Hakim on Saturday.
This new assessment method aims to save the existing ponds in the city which are dwindling in number due to a desperate attempt by part of the land sharks to fill up the ponds, Hakim said. Currently, KMC’s revenue department performs a combined home and pond assessment in cases where ponds are an integral part of buildings. However, according to an official from the construction department of KMC, taking advantage of a combined assessment where the information on the ponds was previously sketchy, a part of the real estate developers filled these ponds very often.
According to KMC environment department records, the number of ponds in additional areas such as Scope of the garden, Metiabruz, Behala, Tollygunge, Jadavpur and large areas off EM Bypass were declining. “We have to admit that despite our best efforts, we have not been able to prevent the large scale infilling of ponds in various parts of the areas added over the past two decades. Now whatever is left must be protected at all costs. to save the environment,” said an official from KMC’s environment department.
KMC’s environmental department undertook a survey of the existing ponds before the assessment department took up the matter.
According to a previous survey, there are 3,500 ponds located in the 144 wards of the city. However, the ongoing survey will record the actual number of ponds, an official from KMC’s environment department said.


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