New Mastodon album muffled and sinister is full of surprises for now. The first surprise came during the announcement, when we learned that muffled and sinister was actually a double album. Now in an interview with Kerrang !, the band reveal a pretty interesting guest list. The list includes:

  • Sound garden guitarist Kim Thayil and horn player (and Mastodon mother of bassist Troy Sanders) Jody on “Had It All”
  • Blues guitarist Marcus King on “The Beast”
  • Municipal waste drummer Dave Witte on “Dagger”
  • Claypool Lennon’s delirium keyboardist João Nogueira on several songs
  • Engineer Tom Tapley’s daughter singing “Sickle And Peace”

No word on whether Neurosis vocalist Scott Kelly will appear, although Kelly recently did a song with the group called “Fallen Torches”. So at least there is that.

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Drummer Brann Dailor also developed Mastodonthe decision to create a double album.

“I was listening at home and these 15 songs seemed to work well together,” Dailor said. “I remember thinking, I know it’s crazy, but maybe we should consider the idea of ​​releasing a double album and making it last an hour and a half. ‘ I thought someone would shoot me down, but here we are. I liked the space it gave itself. I liked the quieter, airier times. “

“If there was a band that people expected to do a double album at one point, it was probably us…”

Read the full interview here.

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Melissa C. Keyes