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GURUGRAM: Gurugram advisors will no longer be referred to as such, at least in official documents. The MCG commissioner issued a letter stating that the term should not be used when signing any document with the stamp of the elected ward councillor. The term “member” of the society has been suggested as an alternative.
According to the letter sent by the head of the MCG to all councilors on Wednesday, the decision was made because the term is not used anywhere in the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act 1994 and the Constitution of India. A Punjab and Haryana High Court lawyer recently raised the issue, after which a legal opinion was sought and it was found that the use of the term “ward councillor” was neither valid nor legal. , did he declare.
“This is to inform you that a letter has been received from Shri Hemant Kumar, Advocate, Honorable Punjab and Haryana, High Court, Chandigarh; in which he raised the issue that in the Municipal Corporation of Haryana Act 1994 and Article 343 of the Constitution of India, the word ‘Councillor’ was not used for elected members of a society ; and whereas the elected member of the corporation uses the word ‘district councillor’ more often when signing a document bearing the same stamp; which is contrary to the provisions of the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act 1994, Haryana Municipal Corporation Election Rules, 1994 and the Constitution,” the letter read.
“I have received a copy of the letter sent by the commissioner to the advisers, in which it is mentioned that the officials of the MCG should refrain from using the word adviser in official documents. However, there was no information on the reason for the move. It is not yet clear whether this is under instructions from the state government or whether it was taken at the corporate level,” the city’s mayor, Madhu Azad, told TOI.
Meanwhile, HC lawyer Hemant Kumar said he raised the issue with the electoral commission since the ‘counsellor’ is not mentioned anywhere in the law. “So either the law needs to be changed or the use of the word needs to be discontinued,” he added.
Councilors expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision. “About two or three years ago, MCG House unanimously decided that the term ‘corporations’ would be used to refer to councillors. It was after this decision that “Councillor” was replaced with “Corporate” in signs and name boards across the city. Residents know us as MCG Corporations,” said Ward 29 Councilor Kuldeep Yadav.
The Haryana Electoral Commission said it uses the term “member” to refer to councilors across the state. “In our official correspondence, we don’t use the word ‘advisor’, but ‘member’. The member is used for all municipal corporations, state boards and committees. We also use the same term for municipal committees and municipal council elections,” said Inder Jeet, secretary of the commission.

Melissa C. Keyes