Municipal awareness week | Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador

Each year, Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador, professional municipal administrators and the Department of Municipal and Provincial Affairs come together to celebrate the work and leadership of the municipal sector in our province.

Municipalities provide essential services, programs and infrastructure to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. They play an important role in supporting people in our communities.

In the past, we celebrated Municipal Awareness Day, usually celebrated on a day in May. One day is not enough to recognize the importance of municipalities in everyone’s daily life. This year, and in the future, we will come together to celebrate Municipal Awareness Week during the second week of May.

Collectively, more than 2,000 people lead and work in the municipal sector. The Make Your Mark 2021 campaign encouraged residents to run for the 2021 municipal elections. The elections saw an increase in the number of people standing to run for council. Compared to the 2017 elections, the number of women elected increased by ten (10) percent.

Our municipal administrators and staff are an essential workforce in our province. We value and celebrate their work and we want to show young people living or settling in our province that the municipal sector is a future workplace for them.

To help you support and recognize Municipal Awareness Week 2022 (May 9-13), we’ve put together some suggestions and resources for your celebrations. You can download the graphs in PDF format here. Here are some actions you can take:

Proclaim Municipal Awareness Week

Proclaim Municipal Awareness Week in your community. You can find the proclamation form here.

Municipal coloring competition

Coloring is always a fun experience for everyone! Ask residents to submit coloring leaves at the municipal office and post pictures in their windows.

There are several websites that offer free downloadable coloring sheets. For a bit of local flavor, you can use a coloring sheet by NL artist Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara. She turned many of her paintings into coloring sheets available for download here.

make a social network challenge

Share photos on social media to let everyone know that municipal leadership and work are vital parts of our communities and civil society. Be sure to tag @MunicipalNL and @PMANL709 @MPA_GovNL on Twitter. On Facebook, tags are @MunicipalitiesNL and @PMA Newfoundland and Labrador.

Ask residents to post information about their community on social media. Here are some possible topics or questions you can ask:

  • A photo competition
  • asking people to post about what municipalities mean to them
  • Ask people to share their favorite places in their community

Mayor for a day competition

We know you’ve done it before! Choose an age group in your community to invite submissions for mayor for a day. Often these competitions are aimed at children of primary school age (grades 4-6). Form a committee, invite written submissions, and publicize your competition. We suggest asking kids what matters to them in their community and what they would do to make a difference if they were mayors for a day. Choose a day and invite them to celebrate. Be sure to take lots of photos and share social, and tag us!

Connect with your local K-12 schools

Civic engagement occurs at all ages in the school system and curriculum. Let your local managers know that May 9-13 is Municipal Awareness Week across the province. Let them know that as leaders (advisers and administrative staff), you are available to talk with classes about how municipalities work, the types of services and programs they provide to communities, and how young people can engage civically at the municipal level.

Connect with post-secondary students and engage them

Connect with post-secondary students and engage them in discussing career and leadership options in the municipal sector. Students from the College of the North Atlantic, Memorial University and other post-secondary institutions work and interact with municipalities.

Organize an open day

Invite residents to your facilities to show them around! Show people around town hall and council chambers or invite people to visit your recreation facilities and other municipal buildings. You can make it a virtual event by taking a guided tour or walkthrough on a social media live stream.

Melissa C. Keyes