Municipal Waste singer recalls sustaining injury as a runner for WWE

Municipal Waste vocalist Tony Foresta worked for WWE during the ThunderDome era and revealed he ended up blowing his knee as a backstage runner. He told Blabbermouth what happened:

“I got a job in WWE. I was working in ‘ThunderDome’ or whatever it’s called. I was in ‘Smackdown’ and ‘RAW’. I was in the bubble with the wrestlers. In the beginning, I used to help in the kitchen, I used to cut carrots, I did all that stuff. But when WrestleMania came around, I had a gig as a runner. I had my own WWE van. I brought laundry to the laundry room and I got shit for the locker room and food for everyone That was fucking awesome That’s where I fucked my knee for real The two weeks before WrestleMania you just run, run, run and you build this huge stage and stuff. I was running around. The week after WrestleMania, we broke it all down and I had a week off and then we were going to get back to it. I got my second Covid shot and then I don’t know what happened inflammation or crazy shit was happening but it was a combination [COVID shot and years of wear and tear from jumping around on stage] and my knee exploded. I couldn’t walk for four or five months. Then I finally had the operation and then it was a whole other delay to get that back,” he told Blabbermouth.

Melissa C. Keyes