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Get ready for another taste of WASTE! The thrash metal maniacs of Richmond Virginia Municipal waste have revealed their stunning second single, ‘High speed steel‘, from their highly anticipated 7th studio album, ‘electrified brain‘, it must come out July, 1st Going through Nuclear explosion.

Commenting on the single, guitarist Ryan Waste said:

“High Speed ​​Steel is our ode to a time when heavy metal was shifting to a faster form. We pushed the boundaries of our sound to channel that classic dynamic and keep the intensity high. It’s about overcoming the pressure and reduce the odds when everything is against you.

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You can also stream the initial single from the upcoming album’Diving into the grave‘ here:

Municipal waste will hit Europe with Anthrax in support of ‘electrified brain‘ this autumn. Buy your tickets here:

List of Electrified Brain Tracks:

  1. electrified brain
  2. Demoralizing
  3. Last exploration
  4. Diving into the grave
  5. The bite
  6. High speed steel
  7. Thermonuclear protection
  8. Blood vessel – boat prison
  9. Turn up the heat
  10. Restless and naughty
  11. Beer party for ten cents
  12. Barrel Rage
  13. put errors
  14. paranormal janitor

Since 2001, Municipal waste have remained true to their uncompromising weapons as the torchbearers of 21st century thrash metal.

The Richmond, Virginia Quintet Tony Foresta [vocals], Ryan Waste [guitar], Philippe room “Landphil” [bass], Dave Witte [drums]and Nick Poulos [guitar] – have gone from cult favorite to mainstays of metal for a generation.

Along the way, Decibel vaunted’The art of partying‘ in his coveted Hall of Fame and affirmed it “rekindled interest in thrash and inspired a new wave of young new bands.”

metal hammer baptized ‘The art of partying‘ one of “The 50 Greatest Thrash Metal Albums of All Time” while strong wire ankle ‘The art of partying‘ as “The Best Thrash Album of 2007” and ‘Dangerous mutation as “The best Thrash album of 2005.

The guys have sold out countless shows across multiple continents and racked up tens of millions of streams in the process. 2017′slime and punishment‘ bowed in the Top 3 of the Billboard Heatseekers album chartand The last episode of Rager only accelerated their momentum in 2019.

Municipal waste maintain a course as vicious and vital as ever on 2022′electrified brain‘, as heard on tracks like ‘Diving into the grave‘, ‘High speed steel‘ and ‘Turn up the heat‘. Recorded during the pandemic in Philadelphia with the producer Arthur Rize [Power TripCode Orange], the sessions would be the first time the group had met in person after a year. Together they achieved “a thicker, heavier sound”.

At the end, ‘electrified brain‘ will give you everything you expect from a Municipal waste heavy metal record or record, period. “We hope you walk away with bloody ears, blown speakers, pissed off parents, black eyes and a healthy distrust of authority,” said Tony.






Melissa C. Keyes