Municipal Waste’s 20 favorite albums when they were teenagers

Municipal Waste frontman Tony Foresta and drummer Dave Witte take us back to childhood with this list of their 20 favorite When They Were Teenagers albums.

When talking about Municipal Waste, reverence for this band is often accompanied by chatter about how they are the most exciting new thrash band. There’s no doubt about it – they’ve certainly led the genre’s charge in the 21st century at the top of the heap of new-age thrashers, but the reality is that these dudes have been around for over 20 years!

Yes, they are veterans of the scene now, like any of the Big 4, Testament, Kreator, Death Angel, Overkill, Sodom… the list goes on. They’re not just one of the great neo-thrash bands anymore – they’re definitely worth mentioning in the same breath as all those 80s bands we all adore so much.

And with their seventh full length, electrified brainArriving July 1st on Nuclear Blast, Municipal Waste are keen to show off some of their more classic/traditional metal influences, as heard on new cuts “High Speed ​​Steel” and the title track in particular, while “Grave Dive” maintains the breathy, mosh-positive vibe that has always offered balance to their sound.

These stylistic applications only offer a glimpse of those influences, though, so further down this page Foresta (who turns 46 this year) and Witte (who turns 51 this summer) take them back to the records that ‘they couldn’t stop listening when they were kids, before there was such a thing called Municipal Waste.

“I was a 90s kid, so my influences are all over the place,” Foresta warns. “I went to three different high schools and lived in two different states that weren’t very close to each other. I met a lot of nice people who influenced me towards a lot of different things. and helped make me the weird person that I am,” he continues, “I listened to a lot of metal and thrash metal bands a bit later in the game, but I caught up quickly. the records that gave me that certain addiction to music that so many of us have and helped make me the slave to the music industry that I am today!”

Witte’s teenage musical experience was somewhat more direct. “For the most part, my teenage years were all about figuring out what was the fastest thing I could find,” he recalls.

Watch the must-see video for “Electrified Brain” first and pre-order your copy of Municipal Waste’s new album here. Keep up to date with everything they do and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify too.

Municipal waste, “Electrified Brain” music video

Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta and Dave Witte name their favorite album from their teenage years

Back to those teenage years!

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