MUNICIPAL WASTE’s TONY FORESTA names the seven modern thrash and punk bands you need to hear

Municipal waste singer Tony Foresta is clearly someone who is always looking for something new to listen to. We sat down with Forest to choose his brain over what he’s discovered lately, and that’s what he found! Municipal waste go outside electrified brain July 1 and pre-orders are available here.

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To spy

Currently, my favorite band is coming out right now. My old pal Chopper played me the first 7” from this band when it came out, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Great recorded outing and even crazier live. I can’t wait to see what this group does in the future. If you haven’t listened yet, stop what you’re doing and go for it.


I guess you can argue if it’s a hardcore record or not but the first time I shot this I got serious dirty rotten vibration of guitar and drum parts. Plus, real cool music/sound interludes that keep you hooked and entertained throughout the album.

sanity check

I don’t know much about these guys, but I know they’re from Poland and they rock. I’ve been jamming the full-length “War on Life” a lot lately. Hope we can catch them the next time I’m overseas. Someone hooked me up with an LP. I can’t find this shit anywhere.


I’ve had the chance to tour with this band twice now and they just keep getting better. They give me a strong Power trigger vibrate not only musically, but also for their personality and the general energy they put into each live performance. Not only that, but they’re from Richmond, so that’s an added bonus. kill the grid smoke, take it.

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Dead Heat

The Oxnard kings have been everywhere lately. Their audience continues to grow and it is well deserved. Hard work and killer music production, there’s nothing I respect more in a band. Also they like to party, I had to hide from them several times on the road because I am old now and disapprove of such shenanigans. *winks*


Good thrash crossover that leans a little more on the old school death metal side played by guys who survived the glory days. Intoxicated has been around since 93 and is just starting to take off. The walled up EP is a ripper and I was lucky enough to hear the next album “Watch You Burn” coming out on Seeing Red Records which is soon to crush a lot of heads.


This band came out of nowhere for me and knocked me down. Discover “Unscrew my head” for a real good time.


They’re not really a great new band or anything, but I can’t stop listening to this. Don’t confuse it with the killer punk band Condor from France either. It’s diabolical black and fast thrash. Check out “Unstoppable Power” which came out in 2017. I almost destroyed the head of my car hitting it.

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