Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation to Upgrade IT Department in Accordance with Current Technology | Bombay News

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) online applications are going to undergo a major overhaul. The last upgrade of electronic applications, website and even mobile online services dates back more than 10 years. The administration sought an upgrade to current technology.

The administration will also increase the number of services under the Right to Service from the existing 24 facilities to 52 online.

In the revamped model, the Department of Information and Technology, NMMC, considered having departmental income and expenditure data, updated information on various development works going on in the city, a precise understanding of the properties belonging to the municipality as well as the inventory. .

“As for the online services of the real estate department, it is currently more focused on the ease of doing business when it comes to paying bills. Now, it is planned to provide on-site data on ongoing development works, their duration, contract details, etc. using a GIS-based base map which is also to be used for the LIDAR survey,” an engineer said. involved in the project.

Dashboards providing daily details by department on revenue and expenditure at HQ and ward level are shown to enhance NMMC’s financial benchmarks.

Following the overhaul, residents can expect a major change in obtaining important documents such as marriage, birth and death certificates. “Photocopies of these documents can be used online as the certificates will be embedded with digital signatures. The web interface will come directly in Marathi font with the option to convert it to English. For those who suffer from visibility, the website will have a function to give voice instructions,” the engineer informed.

The real-time data compilation process that is often sought after in ITRs and used for administrative purposes is long overdue. The administration has estimated an expense of approximately 30Cr for the overhaul.

“A good enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system for day-to-day administrative work is extremely essential for smooth governance. Upgrading with new features such as interactive dashboards and responsive complaint portals will ensure that we work as one entity rather than focusing on respective departments,” said Abhijit Bangar, City Commissioner.

Melissa C. Keyes