Nonprofit Healthcare Organization Receives Variable Message Sign and Trailer as Part of ATS Gives Back Program

“Ballad Health is extremely grateful to receive the trailer from All Traffic Solutions. We will use the trailer in different ways. – Ken Harr, Managing Director and Chief Security Officer, Ballad Health

All traffic solutions’ ATS Gives Back Program donate a Installation Alert 24 variable message sign mounted on an ATS-5A trailer at Ballad Health to help alleviate challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and help redirect traffic for an upcoming construction project.

Health Ballad is a nonprofit health system serving 29 Appalachian counties in southwestern Virginia, northeastern Tennessee, northwestern North Carolina, and southeastern Kentucky. Ballad Health’s integrated community health system includes 21 hospitals, post-acute care and behavioral health services. Ballad Health intends to use their ATS-5A trailer with an InstAlert 24 to help address multiple challenges in the coming months, including construction traffic and messaging about vaccine distribution, mask requirements, COVID information, and more.

“Ballad Health is extremely grateful to receive the trailer from All Traffic Solutions. We will use the trailer in different ways. We have a large construction project in the near future where we will be using the trailer to redirect traffic. The trailer will also be used to convey messages as we navigate COVID, mask requirements, visitation limitations, and general information. We will use the trailer to highlight the speed limit around our campuses. said Ken Harr, Managing Director and Chief Security Officer of Ballad Health.

The InstAlert variable message sign is an electronic bulletin board that can be programmed remotely to display messages to calm traffic and inform the public. The ATS-5 trailer is an ultra-portable trailer to help calm traffic, increase speed awareness, display messages to motorists and pedestrians, and conduct traffic studies.

About All Traffic Solutions

All Traffic Solutions (ATS) is a leader in durable wearable products and web-based solutions for traffic management and security. We help law enforcement agencies and municipalities use data and devices such as radar speed displays and web-enabled variable message signs to calm traffic, resolve complaints and improve safety results while maximizing resources and budget. For more information, visit

ATS gives back

Generally, our ATS Gives Back program is intended to show our appreciation for law enforcement and our commitment to public safety. In the case of Ballad Health, we saw a need for hospitals and wanted to make an exception to donate a 5A ATS trailer.

With the ATS Gives Back program, we are committed to donating one sign per month to police departments and communities in need. If your police department or a police department you know might be eligibleplease apply with this form (and include any supporting attachments) and send it to [email protected] If you want to see previous winners, you can see them here.

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