Ottawa voters want change at the municipal level

OTTAWA- The cost of housing, the state of OC Transpo and accountability at City Hall are the top three concerns of Ottawa voters as the city enters a municipal election, according to a recent poll commissioned by the Institute. Broadbent and conducted by Viewpoints Research.

The survey, which aimed to gauge their attitudes towards the upcoming mayoral election, also shows that 84% of voters support the refusal of mayoral and city council candidates to accept donations from property developers.

“Ottavians have a lot on their minds when it comes to voting in municipal elections this fall, and not without reason,” said Clement Nocos, Director of Policy and Stakeholder Relations at the Broadbent Institute. “With the retirement of Mayor Jim Watson and several current City Council members, there are opportunities for a renewed vision and we wanted to test public opinion.”

What Ottawa voters want

  • 75% Support increase protections for tenants to reduce evictions and improve building maintenance.
  • 73% Support OC Transpo expansion service in the suburbs of Ottawa.
  • 68% Support integrate LRT operations into City management and control.
  • 54% think Ottawa should invest to improve serviceseven if it means a small tax increase.
  • 54% think Ottawa should invest now to fight climate change and adapt infrastructure.
  • 48% of voters think the City of Ottawa is moving towards Wrong direction. Only 29% of voters agree that the City of Ottawa is moving in the right direction.

“Ottavians are looking for change. A bold progressive vision that prioritizes equality over tax cuts, investment over austerity, and collaborative leadership over favoring well-endowed interests could win out.” , says Nocos. “Election campaigns and social movements would do well to come together and fight for a better city that works for its people.”

Further reading

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Melissa C. Keyes