Padawan City Council to get new RM60m headquarters in Semengok

Dr Sim (ninth from right) and Lo (seventh from right) join officials from the Department of Public Health, Housing and Local Government, MPP advisers and guests from neighboring local councils for a group photo. – Photo from Dr. Sim’s Facebook page

KUCHING (August 21): The new Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) headquarters will be built on a 20-acre site at Semengok, Mile 12 Kuching-Serian Road, Deputy Prime Minister Dato Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian has said.

He said the RM60 million project funded by the Sarawak government is a gift to MPP staff for their hard work.

According to Dr Sim, the MPP has a very difficult task given the size of the area it serves, which includes urban and semi-urban areas, as well as meeting the demands of an aging population, the urbanization, demographic changes and population growth.

“I hope the new building will provide a better working environment and that MPP staff will be motivated to work harder to provide better services to communities and better serve people,” he said at the dinner. MPP 26th anniversary celebration at a hotel here yesterday.

Dr Sim, who is also Minister for Public Health, Housing and Local Government, said local authorities, including the MPP, needed to do much more to build a more sustainable future for Sarawak.

He commended the MPP for its tremendous efforts and high level of resilience in the face of Covid-19, post-pandemic recovery and reviving the economy.

“The MPP has accomplished a lot, and yet there is still a long way to go to be an effective and sustainable Padawan Municipality,” he added.

Meanwhile, MPP Chairman Lo Khere Chiang admitted the many challenges and constraints of working various communities under the jurisdiction of MPP, especially on providing good quality services from time to time.

After serving as MPP chair for nearly 12 years, Lo added that he dreams of improving the council’s service delivery from its core business and intends to continue to engage with residents, organizations non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community associations and community leaders to improve and make council areas clean, green and livable.

Melissa C. Keyes