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Municipality of Pune

PUNE: The civic body has decided to decentralize the supervision of hospitals and ultrasound centers in its attempt to increase vigilance on these health facilities. This decision follows the recent detection of a fake doctor in the city.
City officials said the work would be distributed at the neighborhood level. Physicians on duty would be trained to inspect facilities, including Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centers, to ensure they have renewed licenses or have the required registration in place, have they stated.
Doctor Kalpana Baliwantassistant health officer, c (PMC), said, “We will train ward doctors to inspect ultrasound centers to check their documents under the Prenatal and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act (PCPNDT) and other regulations. The ward doctors will be required to perform inspections for ultrasound centers and IVF once every three months and inspect maternities and clinics twice a year. Although the PCPNDT central committee is in place, the decentralization process would allow the centers to be inspected on a routine basis.”
Baliwant said that according to the PCPNDT law amendment in February 2022, all surrogacy centers and artificial fertility clinics should be registered under the PCPNDT law and supervised according to the latest guidelines. “We also expect an increase in sperm banks in the city because under the amended regulations we can now allow more sperm banks in the city. At the moment there is only one only sperm bank in town.”
Activists, however, seemed cautious about the move. Kiran Moghéwomen’s activist and member of the PCPNDT committee, said: “The decision could help increase surveillance, but the doctors on the service are already overwhelmed by the existing work. It is therefore questionable whether they would be able to carry out the monitoring in time. . The PMC should recruit staff to the central unit of the PCPNDT.


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Melissa C. Keyes