RTL Today – Municipal waste: Luxembourg produces the second highest amount of waste per capita in the EU

Municipal waste generation has increased by 30% in three years, with only Denmark generating more waste per capita.

In 2020, Luxembourg generated 790 kg of municipal waste per person. This compares to an already high figure of 607kg in 2017, which means waste per capita has increased by 183kg in just three years.

Municipal waste is primarily a measure of household waste, but also includes waste generated by shops, offices and public institutions.

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Only Denmark created more waste than Luxembourg, with a record 845 kg per person.

At the other end of the table, the Eastern Member States, Estonia, Hungary, Poland and Romania, all generated less than 400 kg per person. Of these four, only one (Hungary) generated less waste than when measurements began in 1995.

Other countries that have had some success in reducing waste include Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Despite soaring waste, recycling efforts remained stable in 2020, with a European average of 151 kg per person. In 2020, Luxembourg has set itself the target of 65% of all household waste being recycled by 2030.

However, Luxembourg still has a long way to go to achieve this objective. One eyebrow-raising statistic is that in 2018 Luxembourgers threw around €100,000 in cash.

Melissa C. Keyes