Task for Margao City Council on waste management

As the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) announced the arrival of monsoons in Kerala on Sunday, three days ahead of the normal date, time is running out for the Margao City Council to remove tons of plastic and dry waste lying around city ​​roads. and bodies of water or allow waste to end up in bodies of water, nullahs and the adjacent Sal River.

Indeed, civic body and new chief officer Rohit Kadam have a task to perform on waste management – how to remove plastic waste strewn along the city’s roads, including ring roads and stormwater nullah , in addition to overflights before the monsoons hit the state a week from now.

In fact, time is running out for the Municipality of Margao to prevent an environmental disaster by disposing of plastic waste that ends up in the storm drains of the nearby Sal River, before the waste spills into the Arabian Sea.

When The Goan team visited some areas including Comba ring road, Margao flyover entry point, area near Tolleaband lake behind Ravindra Bhavan etc., tons of rubbish could be found left unattended. These spots are all low lying areas close to the stormwater nullahs and the Sal River, are just the tip of the iceberg with the sources not ruling out the possibility of waste flowing into water bodies and the river.

MMC officials may privately wonder why the civic body should remove plastic waste dumped along the Comba ring road, blaming citizens for the nuisance and threat. But, the civic body may have a simple question to answer – should a city council turn a blind eye and let tons of plastic waste spill into water bodies and the Sal River and contribute to an environmental catastrophe?

Take note, the municipality of Margao had cleaned up the ring road of Aquem a fortnight ago, removing dozens of trucks of wet and plastic waste. The civic body carried out the drill as the area looked like an eyesore and with complaints pouring in from the powers that be and citizens to rid the ring road of the threat.

Unfortunately, a similar operation did not take place on the part of the Municipal Fathers and the Babus although the monsoons are fast approaching. Neither City Chairman Lyndon Pereira nor the administration, including sanitation and the technical section, saw fit to have the plastic waste removed and stop the pending environmental disaster. The Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) has washed its hands of plastic waste dumped along the roads and ring roads of the commercial capital.

“The work of removing plastic waste falls within the domain of local authorities. In this case, the responsibility lies with the civic body of Margao,” GWMC Managing Director Levinson Martins said when The Goan again drew his attention to the impending environmental disaster. Saying that the GWMC cannot collect dry waste from towns, villages and cities, Martins said the Company only facilitates the management of solid waste by local bodies by accepting waste in bales.

MMC has been unable to ensure that the contractor’s waste is dumped along the roads

MARGAO: Why is the Margao City Council delaying deploying the army of door-to-door waste pickers to clean up plastic waste dumped along the roads?

Questions swirl through the halls of the municipality of Margao as the City Fathers and the Babus have been caught failing to deploy the army of workers to collect dry and plastic waste from these dark spots.

The officials in private admit that the collection and separation of waste from the black spots is an integral part of the door-to-door waste collection contract executed by the civic body with the private contractors.

Even the civic body’s new tender to award curbside waste collection contracts has a condition that curbside waste collectors must also separate and collect waste from points dark. A city official pointed out that door-to-door waste collectors are required to separate waste at dark spots and lift it for processing. “City officials should explain whether the trash dumped along the roads is not a dark spot,” sources said.

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Melissa C. Keyes