The municipality of Gurugram prepares an action plan to decongest Sadar Bazar

The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has prepared a comprehensive action plan to decongest Sadar Bazar, one of the city’s main markets.

Sadar Bazaar is the oldest market in the city, with some shops dating back to the 1930s. It is a very crowded area with an average daily attendance of around 15,000 people. There are over 1,400 shops operating in the narrow lanes of the market, with city officials estimating that around 400 street vendors operate outside these shops.

According to the decongestion plan shared by the municipal corporation, traders allowing street vendors to operate outside their stores will be fined 5,000 per violation. If a shopkeeper is found engaging in this practice a third time, the civic body will seal the store.

“Previously, such a sanction resulted in a fine of 500 and peddlers’ carts were released two to three days after being seized by city officials during anti-encroachment campaigns. Now we have increased the fine for this violation tenfold, warning traders that repeating the violation for the third time will result in their stores being closed. We will release seized street carts and other property from invaders after a minimum of 15 days,” said MCG co-commissioner Sanjiv Singla, who is overseeing the decongestion project.

Singla said these two measures, coupled with videotaping of market premises during anti-encroachment campaigns to spot repeat offenders, could deter traders from allowing street vendors to occupy premises outside their premises. stores.

Regarding the parking arrangement – an issue that plagues both traders and customers, Singla said until the MCG built the two multi-level car parks on Old Railway Road and Kaman Sarai they are converting eight large vacant government plots into temporary parking space.

According to city officials, the land near the Old Jail complex, Grover Ground, the land near Session House, land in Jacobpura near the Arya Samaj Mandir, vacant land near the Sadar Bazar Jama Masjid and land on Hanuman Mandir Road will be used. for parking vehicles.

While stating that the temporary parking lots will be at a distance of around 50 to 200 meters from the market, city officials admitted that the two multiple parking lots, which are being built for the benefit of visitors to the Sadar market and can collectively accommodate at least 2,500 vehicles, will take at least three years to complete.

“The MCG has made several proposals for Sadar Bazar in the past, most of which remained on paper. Until these measures are implemented on the ground, we will not hold out high hopes,” said Bablu Gupta, President of the Sadar Bazar Traders Association.

As well as removing street vendors from the narrow market lanes, Singla said the MCG also plans to give them space to run their business operations in the new street vending areas. The MCG has identified sites, such as the land near the Old Jail complex, for the establishment of new street vendor areas to accommodate the approximately 400 street vendors.

The municipal corporation has 148 street vending areas across the city, from which vendors mainly sell food and drink at affordable prices.

“The MCG is also in the process of launching the tender for the re-upholstering of the 600m main street between the post office and Jama Masjid. Work on this section is expected to begin next month. In addition, we also built eight new community toilets for the public. We also plan to improve the aesthetics of the market by planting 200 new plants,” Singla said.


    Kartik Kumar is a correspondent for the Hindustan Times and has covered topics including crime, transport, health and consumer courts. Kartik currently covers Municipal Corporation, Delhi Metro and Rapid Metro.
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