Ujjain Municipality Elections; BJP will highlight development issues, says Mohan Yadav

Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav speaks at a press conference in Ujjain on Saturday | PF PHOTO

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh): Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav said the BJP will present four questions to the public in the Ujjain Municipality elections. These issues will be development, although he linked the proposed residential settlements in Sanvarakhedi and Jeevankhedi with development. “Our job is to develop and the job of the saints is to set up their camps on the land of Simhastha Fair. No one opposes anyone’s job, they have to do their job and we will do our job,” he added.

In a press conference at the BJP LokshaktiBhavanon office on Saturday, Yadav said the BJP has set its schedules until June 30. There will be simultaneous meetings in the neighborhoods and will carry out programs to reach the public. He said that Congress had sown confusion during his 15 months in government and today the BJP is doing development work. Works worth Rs 6,000 crore are underway at Ujjain. The pace of development is such that the Ujjain-Dewas four-lane works will be completed a year ago in July 2022, he said.

The minister also talked about the residential land use of Sanvarakhedi and Jeevankhedi and said that since the saints have to do with Simhastha Fair, they talk about it, but our job is to develop, so we talk about development. The Simhastha fairs of 2004 and 2016 were successfully held, and the upcoming Simhastha-2028 will also be held successfully, he said.

The minister was also asked about city buses and the Bandka industrial zone. He admitted that the work of the Bandka industrial zone has not been satisfactory so far, but said he will get better as the Garoth four-lane is about to be ready. Then the industrial zones of Nazarpur, Tajpur and Bandka will be developed automatically, he added. Regarding the city bus, Yadav said that the works supposed to be done on the city buses could not be carried out. The operation of city buses is not possible at the government level, he added, saying it is best not to talk about it in public.

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Melissa C. Keyes