Unwelcome light expected to shine on BC municipal undercover program as investigation begins

According to Global News, the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner is investigating an undercover training course recently held at a Vancouver hotel.

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A bright light is expected to be shone on the City Police’s secretive undercover program after allegations of misconduct during one of the program’s training operations surfaced.

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Monday evening, Global News and CTV News reported that the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner of British Columbia was investigating the actions of some police officers during an undercover training course held recently in a Vancouver hotel.

According to a statement from the Bureau to Global News, “The alleged misconduct involves municipal officers from multiple police departments and allegedly occurred in the course of course activities.

“The information was brought to us by the municipal police chiefs who requested the opening of an investigation under the Police Act.

“Given the number of municipal police agencies in British Columbia involved, the Commissioner has written to the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General requesting assistance in identifying an investigative body sufficiently independent of any agency in British Columbia.”

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The BC Municipal Undercover Program is funded by various police services under the BC Association of Municipal Chiefs of Police.

It is considered an integrated unit, with officers seconded from municipal detachments (including BC Transit Police) to serve for a limited time with the program.

This is similar to the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, Integrated Technology Crime Unit, Integrated Traffic Safety Unit, and Regional Domestic Violence Unit.

Officers wishing to join the undercover program must first complete a course at the Justice Institute of BC in order to participate in Level 1 Undercover Investigations. There are at least two levels of undercover investigation.

The RCMP has its own undercover training program.

The activity under investigation by the OCCp was conducted by the program, not the Justice Institute.

Melissa C. Keyes